The Alchemy of Wax

We know what it’s like to want a wax and then get bombarded with the choice available, trying to work out if you want shine or durability, whether it’s possible to get both? So when we went about planning the Alchemy waxes, we knew exactly what we wanted them to do, we just had to use a bit of alchemy to get there.

Now, we’re not going to give away all the secrets, but we’ll let you into a few…

First things first– carnauba. You may have heard bucket loads about this ingredient, it hails from the Brazilian rainforest, it’s tough, durable and virtually insoluble in water. But it’s no good on it’s own, in fact as a raw material it’s brittle and pretty useless. The science of the wax comes from the blending. Combine carnauba with other carefully selected ingredients and you get jetting, where light distorts off the surface and gives a wet, glossy look. Used alongside other natural waxes with similar properties like beeswax or montan wax, and natural oils, and you start to bring out the natural qualities of carnauba and intensify them.

As carnauba is insoluble in water it needs something that can make it pliable and this is where solvents are used. The thought of using a solvent near you paint might make you squirm a little, but using the right solvent in the right way will actually give you a pliable, usable wax.

Some of the ingredients are darker in colour, T2 uses montan wax which will naturally bring out the tones of darker paints.  Candelilla is another wax often found in car waxes, very similar to carnauba, candelilla in its raw form is brittle and pretty unusable. But with the addition of solvents and oils and candelilla is excellent as a binder and used to harden waxes.

So the alchemy of creating a good wax is finding a usable blend of carnauba, solvents, waxes and oils, add patience to hone the ingredients, experiment along the way and take the time to develop solid performing waxes that show off the gloss and shine of your paint.

This was the process with T2 and SupaNova, it takes time, but it’s definitely worth it.

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