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If you run your hand gently over your paint, you may feel small lumps and bumps. These are tiny bonded contaminants that washing is unable to shift but may etch into the paint if left. Pollution, sap, brake dust and overspray can all be safely dealt with using detailing clay.

Qube detailing clay is a fine grade clay, each tub has 2 50g bars, this should be enough to do three or four cars. A must when claying is making sure you have a well lubricated area to aid the smooth passing of the clay over the paint surface and reduce the chancing of marring. Qube Lube has a super slick and slippy formula that can be used on all the surfaces of your car.

Clay your car after you have washed and dried it and aim to work in small sections. Break one of the clay bars in half and gently knead it in your hands to make it pliable.

Liberally spray the paint with Qube Lube the gently rub clay over the surface.

You will feel the clay grab as it pulls the contaminant away from the paint. Keep the area well lubricating to reduce your chance of marring or scratching. When the clay smoothly passes over the paint, you’ve removed the contaminant. Using an Edgeless Wipe towel, remove any residue. You want to work with a clean piece of clay, so when you have used one part, reshape the clay to expose a clean area.

Run your hand back over your paint, it’s shocking and incredibly satisfying how smooth it is after claying.

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