Microfibre Range

Microfibre detailing cloths have always been a staple in our detailing kits, so an Alchemy microfibre range was a no brainer.  Microfibre is a safe fabric to use; tiny fibres pack each cloth, which gives it a pile that pulls dust and dirt away from the paint surface and into the fibre. Made from a combination of polyester and polyamide, the cloths have exceptional absorption and are able to hold many more times their weight in water.

Which leads us neatly into the first of the Alchemy detailing towels: Dry. This drying towel is a huge 75cm x 90cm and literally drinks up the water off your paints surface.

Plush and Edgeless Buff are soft, deep piled, lint free towels ideally used alongside waxes, detailing sprays and spray sealants. The Edgeless Duo is an all round towel with one short pile side for removing stubborn polish and wax residue, and a deeper pile for buffing and quick detailing.

If like us, you’re a convert to microfibre for washing, then the Wash Pad will be right up your street. A high-density sponge cocooned in a 70/30 polyester/polyamide microfibre, I know we’re biased, but it’s the best wash pad we’ve ever used.

Getting hold of any of the Alchemy range is getting easier as our list of suppliers is growing, visit our supplier page to find yours.

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