What’s glaze all about?

When we were developing the launch range for Alchemy, we wanted to include a glaze. When it comes to really enhancing your paints shine, a good glaze is well worth the time.

The spectrum of paint colours available means that some colours are optimised in different ways. Light and Dark Matter were born through developing a formula that optimises the colours in a certain range.

Dark paints like reds and blacks, can lose their vibrancy, so the ingredients in Dark Matter help bring back the pop in the darker colours. This glaze will also hide minor imperfections on dulled paints.

It’s commonly thought that lighter paints hold their own against the appearance of scratches and imperfections. But over time, lighter paints can look flat. Light Matter will hide minor blemishes and bring back the lustre of the colour.

Whichever glaze you use the application is the same, both can be applied by hand or machine before your wax or sealant.

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