Give dirt the White Wash

Autumn has brought some dirty weather with it. The road grime really seems to have stepped up its act, but this has given us the perfect opportunity to get the White Wash out. Snow foam is a safe way to remove loose dirt and grime so that when you get to the shampoo stage you have a prepped surface.

Chances are you’ll have a wax or sealant layer on your paint and you may want to keep that in tact, White Wash was developed to remove the dirt but not your wax or sealant layer.

White Wash needs to be used through a foam lance but as it’s concentrated, you can dilute it down to the dilution you need. If you’re using it as a pre shampoo, a ratio of 1 part White Wash to 23 parts water will do the job, if you have more stubborn dirt 1:5 will work well, and if you’ve got a really stubborn job on your hands, you can use White Wash neat.

Start applying White Wash from the top of your car, moving down to cover the wheels. Leave to dwell for a few minutes, you can watch the dirt sliding off which is very satisfying. Then rinse off to remove the remaining foam. Then you’re ready for shampooing.

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